ITT CELTA Belgrade & Syllabus centre

International House teacher training

ITT CELTA Belgrade & Syllabus centre can help you with your application for enrolling one of the teacher training programmes of the International House World Organisation:

IH COLT ( International House Certificate for Online Language Teaching)is the training for the teachers of foreign languages which enables the trainees to learn more about the techniques and approaches on online language courses. With the help of IH COLT training, teachers can learn how to organise their teaching using IH VLE.

IH COLT training is divided into 6 modules, covered in the period of 5-6 weeks.

IH Certificate in Teaching Business English

This teacher training is for teachers intending to teach Business English or have little experience in this field, and it also includes preparation for LCCE FTBE exam.

IH BET course has 30 modules divided in three parts: learning about different business areas, professional skills and methodology and teaching materials.

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