ITT CELTA Belgrade & Syllabus centre

Language courses for executives

ITT CELTA Belgrade & Syllabus centre organises intensive and short courses of English, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish specially designed for all of you who do not have much time for learning a language and who would like to:

  • become confident in using a foreign language in everyday situations;
  • master professional language skills
  • learn specialised terminology related to your company business
    activate foreign language competences and develop productive skills–speaking and writing
  • attend a course which is tailor-made to suit your real language needs.

After finishing the course, our students get the international IH Certificate of Level indicating the level of foreign language competence related to the CEFR levels.

All our teachers have international Cambridge or IH teaching qualifications.

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Business language skills Specialised vocabulary
• Business presentations language skills

• Meetings

• Negotiations

• Business correspondence, writing business reports

• Contacts with clients

• Telephoning

• Business language skills for sales
• For company business

• Finances

• Management

• Marketing

• Sales

• HR

• for the client ’s needs